The bane of my existence.


The one game that is a battleground for many.


A game that has enough creativity and popularity to create an entire community full of children.


More importantly, where am I in this madness?


The Transition

Sometime ago, I found a good Runescape Bot for my account after getting sick and tired of playing for hours on end, it was 100% undetectable and worked without having to inject into the client. For all you Runescape fanboys: I was leveling to 99 Attack and Strength.  After I accomplished the task, I shortly became staff of a Pest Control clan (a clan that went on special RS worlds exclusively for members of the clan and for higher ranked players, like 120+ combat level players only).

Then I got banned from their forums (also losing access to the bot) due to my behaviors that I highly discourage from all of you doing (hint: denying service to the site because of personal issues *sigh*).

Shortly after, I logged out of Runescape for the last time and never logged back in since.

Now how all of this is relevant? Well during my time on the forums, there was a 1.5 Minecraft Beta server (cracked). I already had an account due to my time with Minecraft Classic (but I don’t think I’ve purchased Beta until this time). When I joined, I remember donating $50.00 to the server and getting f$#cked in the end due to a PayPal dispute (and I forget why I filed a dispute, probably because I got banned from the server).  This is the reason why I’m never donating to servers ever again.


The Server

I started a Minecraft server (, it was a good idea at the time because it came from my Classic server (SuperSpy’s Epic Freebuild). Basically, Freebuild was a server where you came on, agreed to the server’s rules by going through a maze and/or parkour (Basically an agility course in Runescape).

The server has been restarted numerous times due to various personal issues and regretful decisions, but it had successes and failures. The biggest success was the first time: 2011. At this time, it was on a game server provider (BeastNode, and then switched to a Dedicated Server from SecuredServers), running CraftBukkit on 1.7.3 MC Beta and it had some amazing stuff. Let’s just say “stuff” was a series of buildings, small towns, and mazes (made by me). This was a great time because I was teaching my little cousin how to play and administrate with the WorldEdit plugin (allows you to make massive block changes without the manual labor of doing so). I was also getting a little bit of a lesson with it at the same time as my co owner was good with it. I also made good friends as well.

Another successful time was late 2012, where it had multitude of worlds, including creative. I also made money from the server due to donations ($20 max).  Then it fell due to the consistent crashes with CrashBukkit (I really regret not finding Spigot sooner). This is all due to the false advertising of CrashBukkit++ (A “efficient” version of CraftBukkit, with a pay 2 contribute model. In other words, you had to pay the developer $$$ to get your change pulled into the repository. I don’t remember the contributed code ever being tested). While CrashBukkit++ was around, I also heard of CraftBukkit–. But I was wondering where the f$#ck it was! I eventually found it on the Spout Forums (and Spout is a group of picky individuals who want to change Minecraft because Notch’s code is bad). Obviously, I found it before it was too late, and I knew it from then on regretting the decision. This so called CraftBukkit–, is now called Spigot, because EgoSeph (a selfish owner of Bukkit) can’t get a hold of himself and “Cursed” a name change on md_5, the maintainer of the Spigot project.

The server has also been through lots of failed startups, almost too many to count. The most notable one was Adventures, a series of cities and towns where the objective of the server is to complete a series of tasks, rent out a space in the town you’re in, or build a house nearby.  You would make enough in-game money (I’ll state it as coins, forgot what currency it was) in the market to move onto the next town. Once you moved to the last town, you had the ability to start your own clan (or faction) for coins.  Here, it would’ve been multiple factions, therefore more wars against each other. What really happened was, once it started, you had to get whitelisted (via application) onto the server to join so people wouldn’t screw it up.

Let’s just say, the server was empty most of the times and most of the people didn’t get the instructions. I had focused so much on the map rather than the objective of the server, which made this server startup a failure.


The Dark Side

No blog post comes without the dark side, and it began in 2011. During the course of my server, there was a incident when a bunch of players joined and left all at once. I thought to myself, what the @#!*% ? I wondered who did it, and I had suspicions on somebody, who coincidentally joined and left a minute or two before the “attack” happened. Of course, the dark side of me didn’t come without me already being on a forum known as HackForums (but I will get into this later), so I booted the person offline for a full 24 hours (he told me after that his internet has been out the entire day).  After being invited to a skype call, I found out an group named “Team Nullinfinity” (a new version of Team Nexus?) was involved, quickly leading to find out who did it. As far as I’m concerned, this was how Minecraft Spambots began. I joined the team, and met with the client coder (who’s now a good friend), and we began “stuff” from there.

However, not all teams last, and the team disbanded. Then another team formed (For sake of unverifiable part of this story, I won’t name all the team names), then another one, they both merged, then they began working with others and then they began to hop on others and then they became and that’s when this becomes…..wat (hint: Go to the very top of this page).

Another thing that I’ve done is created several Minecraft Clients.  One “successful” one is SupahCrash.  It was a crash client for the 1.0 release of Minecraft.  For a while, it got abandoned, but then I had an idea and then I turned into a Minecraft snapshot hack client.  This required the development of my own de-obfuscator tools due to the fact MCP and other mods don’t update to them.  The crash exploit I’m referring to is the infamous vanilla fly-crash, where you “moved” your player to a arbitrary location (some ridiculous high number), making the server generate chunks for all the positions you’ve “moved”, causing a resource crash.  Later, the client had hacks that were patched by other server mods (Bukkit).


Where can I get SupahCrash?

Right here.

Where is Minecraft headed?

World of Warcraft. 

McAfee Antivirus Software with added ∞ allocations of memory, CPU, GPU, HDD, and your electricity bill.


Because Minecraft only lies in the function stack of the memory, which has recursion functions (or functions calling to itself, and these functions allocated the ∞ of resources every 0.1 nanosecond).

What if I have something worthwhile to contribute into this blog post?

Comments section.

But what if I want to contribute directly into the post?



(for you, you know who you are :-) )

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    So good 10/10

  • Luke Skywalker

    “No blog post comes without the dark side, and it began in 2011.” Is that relating to a star wars skin that you may or may not have used?

    • SSPX

      It was 100% coincidental when I wrote this post. But as far as I’m concerned one could view that being the case. I still haven’t changed from the Darth Vader skin.