The Top 11 Most Idiotic Things I did at iD Programming Academy

I’ve recently just hit, what could be, my highest score of doing the most idiotic things in a 2 week time span.

While I was at camp, I did things that people did, or did not like, and I did the most stupid, idiotic things ever. Here are the top 11 that hit the charts.

10. Repeating the same joke 10 times to the same person.

9. Attempting to use the “gooby pls” fad.

8. Trolling, then complaining about somebody else trolling.

7. Join a Civilization 5 game, then coincidentally get bored and quit because you are losing.

6. Complain about the Assassins game being disorganized after losing the second game of Assassins (there was a student vs staff game).

5. Thinking my roommate hates me.

4. Typing this blog post while walking.

3. Bragging about my old Runescape account.

2. Depositing all my tickets to the first raffle for dunking a instructor and losing.

1. Taking a cooler full of water and dumping it on myself.

0. Thinking about the most idiotic things while walking and typing this blog post.