8 Terrible Copies of Terrible 8

8 Terrible Copies of Terrible 8


Oh dear, what do we have here?

So windows 8, or terrible 8 for short, is Microf$#ck’s new operating system.

However before I explain why, let’s see why I’m not surprised.


So let’s begin why it’s terrible.



So I got this laptop for Christmas last year, and quite frankly I wasn’t too happy with it from the start.  It seemed to work fine for the first couple of months, but then it started to have some problems.  I think it could be because of the laptop bag I bought for it on Amazon.

So then I somehow went from:



So then my dad and I brought it to BestBuy, and they were like:


And then we talked with Geek Squad.  They were happy to help and they took the laptop for repair.


Then it comes back, my dad picks it up, and then the bill came:


(In other words, nothing because of the valid warranty)
Then it was good as new:




Same issue really, no sound.

In additions, there are some very annoying problems with this laptop in particular, such as the wrist hitting the mousepad, but this blog post is about how terrible 8 is, not about laptop.


To simplify it this way, I’ll give you 9 reasons why you should buy 8 terrible copies of terrible 8.

0) Runs slowly with graphic defaults (wtf), even on a 1.7Ghz processor (laptop spec).  It appears 8 reads the processor as 700Mhz and Acer packs the other 1Ghz with software every user needs.  Maybe acer should just stick to their monitor product line because I’m sick and tired of monitors disappearing in the market, especially on Best Buy’s website.

1) Backwards compatibility with older software? Doesn’t seem like a valid word in the dictionary when it comes to 8.  When I was looking for software to relay audio from the computer to my iPhone (read above if you don’t get it), either the software crashed on launch or the drivers couldn’t be installed (but that one was stupid anyways).

2) The release pattern above, anticipated.

3) No start button, sounds like people won’t be waking up to “Start” their day.

4) 8 works like a default operating system for most laptops, where the operating system can be replaced with Ubuntu or Windows 7 instead.  Even my school’s administrator objected to install 8 on their school computers.

5) 8 looks like a windows 7 modification, without the option to remove the modification itself, requiring a restoration of windows 7 to revert to vanilla defaults.

6) Not sure if laptop has a bad network card, or is 8 unreliable with most modern Wi-Fi networks? If you had a 10GB file transfer going, and you made your laptop not sleep, the file transfer speed would only be moving in One Direction, downwards.  From 1.5mb/s to 1b/s (bit per second).  Or a better Example, you would have repetitive issues connecting to a WPA network because it “cannot connect at this time please try again later”.

7) The most convenient features you need are the most inconvenient now due to inconvenient spots for them.  Control Panel requires me searching for Control Panel because I didn’t know you could just click Settings -> Control Panel.

8) It’s recommended by sex-crazed Microsoft fanboys who are eye-candy to whatever Microsoft throws at them.  Actually, that’s all they can eat, with their eyes.  Another person who I’ve spoken to before told me my SSD will have a much shorter lifespan with windows 7 than in 8 because of the supposedly SSD optimizations he claims there is (not going to research).  Actually, I’d prefer my SSD to die much faster because 8 is already slow in everything! It’s slow at people upgrading, it even slows down the death process on the SSD itself!

All in all, I rather know the fate of my SSD faster than have my SSD’s fate be delayed by 8 years for the cost of slowing disk I/O.

So to the Microsoft fanboys out there!


Let’s trash the 8 project and let’s get the JOJ done for windows 9!