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Another failing server?


How can it fail when the server doesn’t even exist yet?


Well, you’re just about to find out.


So, on the topic of Starbound.

Starbound is an upcoming game from Chucklefish, it’s like many of the sandbox games like Minecraft, Terraria, CubeWorld, but supposedly*, it’s going to be better.

*my friend showed me the game.

What do every new & upcoming game have in common? Well, they have undiscovered properties (you never know what the game might have), and a whole world to discover.  But the most important one that people seem to miss: A wonderful opportunity to start over with a server community (or new) you’ve had in the past (

So what do we got to lose? Let’s talk about non existent opportunities!


What will never happen is…

Alright… let’s stop being so negative about it, it’s possible that somebody else has got the same idea and they’ve got themselves better prepared for the launch, maybe perhaps getting an IRC channel, a website, and hell, maybe even a Minecraft server just for the sole purpose of advertising it.

What I’m about to tell you, is that I’m not even prepared yet and I don’t know when I’ll be ready.  Should I be frightened?

Nope, you should be proud.  Having a simple & meaningless (not anymore because of this post) launch page and an IRC channel (#StarboundMe on Espergers, or EsperNet) is the best way to go if you’re somebody who doesn’t feel like wasting time.


The plan ahead

What will be happening, is the staff (traitors) will be picked, and then they’ll be part of the journey while Starbound is busy showing off their mad skills to a bunch of people including community defoliators (Soggy cast and any large BungeeCord network) who might start actual servers and attempt to thrive.

Eventually, once the Starbound server binaries are available, I will dedicate room on my dedicated server and start a server.  That server is started, then the website gets a redesign, then the IP is posted and a website is created.  If necessary, I will setup Invision Power Board (fancy forum software).

Then I guess not much afterwards, keep the community thriving, open donations, do $h!t and there you go.  What you got to lose? Money?


The Problem

It seems that I can’t stabilize a community because for some reason, something goes wrong.  It’s either I can’t afford to keep it going, something breaks with the server software, or idea doesn’t work anymore.  It appears that was an attraction to folks who simply wanted to build in creative rather than play survival, which in my opinion, is boring as f$#ck.  I’m sure that’s boring to you too, but why do you still keep joining my server to f$#cking build and continue to build and not join the survival world options!?!?!?!?

In all seriousness, was an obvious place to grief.  It’s like playing a more realistic version of Trouble in Terrorist Town, just replacing the classes with: griefer, player, and admin.  The objective is to grief a player’s valuable objective: destroy a player’s house and get away with it.  The only catch is, the administrator’s tools are foolproof, and cannot be easily bypassed, which is the reason why it got boring.

Then the best and most inefficient plugin came around, after a guy who sucked 4 big cocks told me about Grief Prevention.  The plugin did the JOJ but it didn’t necessarily do it well, and I had to actually modify the plugin to get it to do the JOJ the right way.  What it prevented was me having to do any administration.

Even those factors didn’t change the fate of the server, and it still died!  All my damn fault!


Failure Probability Ratio

That is exactly why I’m going to talk about the FPR (Failure Probability Ratio), and what is it for this startup.  If in the event the server is up and running, or is in the middle of starting up, what is the probability of failure?

Well there’s simply no equation, and no math involved.  It’s the matter of simply knowing what is there, what problems exist, what solution to those problems, the time spent on the server doing something worthwhile, what ideas are being implemented, and (based on how many times they’ve been used) how popular those ideas are.

Let’s begin shall we?

Note: This calculation is purely based on the now rather than the later.  The later however is still going to be factored in.  Those later or probable factors are marked with an asterisk*.

For, it’s a vanilla Starbound server (hence no server mods*), which is a sandbox, that sandbox of course won’t have protection* from HIV, so there’s got to be some form of protection.  The possibility that there will be actual mechanics in the server*, so instead of just pure sandbox, where stupid mini-games are built on top of, there’s actual things to do that’s naturally built into the game*.  Then we have whether there’s decent built-in cheat protection, or a custom cheat protection* and how well it performs.  The time spent on the server actually doing quests and missions* (not sure if it’ll be in multiplayer) rather than trying to cheat and grief.  The idea of a forum attached to the server, and whether those forums will be used.  The idea of a roleplay server, or better yet, a fun server that you can do whatever the f$#ck in, and how popular that is.

Your FPR calculated for Starbound is: I have no f$#cking clue!

There’s simply no answer, except that Starbound might just be more boring than it really is.  However if I had to be positive about it, it’s likely going to be more fun, and it might not be the same and it won’t be purely focused on anything (RP, whatever it is).  However, if becomes an RP server, I’m definitely inviting my cousin over.

In reality, it’s likely going to fail if not enough time and/or advertising goes into it.  It’s likely that other communities might just take charge and invest more money than I do just to get to the top.



For some reason, the motivation isn’t quite here yet.  If I don’t enjoy the game, how am I supposed to enjoy a server?  What if I wait all this time and it turns up to be some ripoff of Terraria that’s just more terrible than it is.

Whatever that fate may be, I hope it doesn’t be that way.


The goal of

Whatever game it is, all I want to do is bring back my community back in 2011. All I wanted was a community full of people to enjoy conversations while enjoying a game that everybody loved.  That’s why I’ll strive to keep the community going whenever possible, and if it requires donation ranks, I’ll do it.


If you have any tips you wish to share with me, you can finally use the Contact Me form to reach me.  I will receive your email and I will respond back to it as soon as possible.

  • Luke Skywalker

    Well mate … I think you should still have up.
    I will give you a hint to a milion $ mate: PRISON SERVER
    Yup, I said it, Prison Server.
    People will join, stay on, and donate, (A LOT) just to get to the higher cells.
    If you ever think about coming back Supah, you better make it a Prison Server.

    • SSPX

      I’ve tried a prison server and it just hasn’t worked out. Prison servers are probably the most lame kind of servers on earth, and there’s already so many prison servers.

      It also doesn’t fit with the name (

  • Grendal

    Hi super. If you don’t know who i am, i Was milo49. I don’t think i’ll be able to go on this server though :(