The Chronicles of and Apache.

The Chronicles of and Apache.


This my friends, is the control panel of the last host for this blog.

Today, I will use my venture card to show you what the hell happened to my blog.

Please, take a journey with me and read more.


Enough of that fantasy $h!t.

I’ve been doing some routine work around the place to make sure it’s up and running smoothly, with of course making .htaccess changes, I lock myself out.

So then I contacted support, they fix it, and the site’s back.  This happened about 3 times.  However, after the third time the site gets unlocked, I somehow broke the blog, and the representative broke my entire htaccess file.  So I thought, let’s just move it off to a VPS.

Once I did, I looked at my wp-config.php file and couldn’t help to notice that the database credentials were in the form of something like:

DB name: <user>_db

Username: <user>

Password: <pass>

*Note these were changed to protect the old website.

I used the username and password to attempt to login into the cPanel of the server my website was on, and those credentials worked.

I thought to myself “At least they would make a MySQL account.”

Message to If you’re going to advertise no SSH or FTP access, at least automatically make a MySQL account and use it instead of the actual cPanel login credentials.

On behalf of your flight captain, I like to welcome you to stupidity.

Because the fun doesn’t stop there.

While I was configuring Apache, I noticed that my website configuration (this blog) was getting set by default.  I renamed the file to “zeeblog” and it no longer was the default server.  Message to Apache: Why would you load by alpha numerical order and not have an option to override the default (or the first configuration loaded)?  I mean come on.

Welcome to my life, folks.

UPDATE: I will have a blog post about Skype soon, so stay tuned!

SAUCE UPDATE: I will be doing a DJ Stream on my Stream Page tomorrow night around 9PM CST!