Finishing Cody8295’s Puzzle

Finishing Cody8295’s Puzzle


So when it’s 11:30PM at night, you just got home.  You are bored, so you randomly just visit GitHub and end up in random places.

However this wasn’t so random, but numerous times, I’ve been reading this blog entry from plausibility and as I scrolled towards the bottom, there was a part to his mysterious hacking puzzle that he couldn’t figure out.

The bit that’s really an issue here is the “Official site of the Royals” – that’s more than two characters, three at the least, if you take the first two of the domain, excluding the obligatory www. Who knows, who cares. Toodles.

I, being extremely bored, take the liberty of attempting and (successfully) solving that dilemma and therefore completing the entire puzzle.

Now let there be no surprise if he or anybody else have already posted about, or even completed the puzzle long after it’s been done.  I mean, this puzzle was probably already completed 4 months ago!

So big deal.  Let’s just finish the rest of it.

Before I do, please make sure you’ve read the blog entry first.


Alright, so I took his current puzzle piece, and did some google searching:

Screenshot on 11.9.2013 at 11.47.27 PM


If it wasn’t the Official website of the Royal British Monarchy, then it must be the Kansas City Royals.  If the puzzle hint is CAP, then low (capitals, then lowercase), then it must be Kc

So I figured out the final link:

And that led me to these characters:

77 100 99 121 102 74 122 115

Then, using friendly and caring tools like this one, I decoded the ASCII characters and got a random set of characters that appeared to be a pastebin link:


And now I’ve officially completed the puzzle.

Congratulations, you have completed the puzzle, please PM this to Cody8295:

“I have completed the puzzle, proof: xjskl3295ms959ns.”

So yay?

This might be completely redundant because of the fact somebody may/may not have already posted the answer like so.  Obviously of course this is from HackForums and I no longer visit there so I can’t speak for myself whether the answer was already posted.

As for other things next week, I will have new stuff to share soon.  Right now, I have nothing else to share so enjoy this week’s blog post?