The Chronicles of the Bong Cord Integration Project 46

The Chronicles of the Bong Cord Integration Project 46


UPDATE: Sway is mad loooool

A while ago, Sway, the owner of CraftedMiners, offered to pay me if I integrated BungeeCord, another yet Minecraft server proxy wrapper, with ReportRTS, a ticket reporting plugin.  In other words, he wanted ReportRTS to work between multiple servers, like multiple worlds (already supported).  I was reluctant at first due to my schedule, but I then took a crack at it.

Let me tell you how I did it:

  • I strategically thought about it, my goals were to integrate support without developing a dedicated BungeeCord plugin (too much work for me at the time).  This took maybe ~4 days.
  • I began to start writing, testing, debugging, and fixing bugs.  Thanks to the well documented Spigot Wiki, I was able to figure out how to synchronize ReportRTS data between these servers based on certain conditions.  The same saying as I’ve been using today for understanding my essay prompt, knowing is half the battle.
  • Once it was all done, it went on CraftedMiner’s servers.  Some bugs were caught, some segment rewrites were done.

After all of this, I was able to fix one of the developer’s dilemmas with reopening tickets (because Sway showed it off to ProjectInfinity).  Instead of getting paid (due to personal issues and/or situations, which applied to all of his other developers), this special version of ReportRTS got distributed to certain server admins, then eventually it was online for public download.  The credit went towards CraftedMiners, and while it was Sway’s decision, I was left out of the picture (or I’m just not aware of any of the credit I’ve received so silently behind my back).

I went back at the GitHub page again tonight, and called it quits.  While all access permissions were still set, I posted a GitHub issue to the project.  ProjectInfinity, the developer of ReportRTS, began to look at integrating BungeeCord support into his main code base and, if successful, will be in the main plugin with proper attribution (see the other link).

Long story short, I’m not taking freelance projects anymore.  No more freelance work unless you have a serious offer & are willing to go first.

For anyone who has been using these builds of ReportRTS and wish to donate, you can contact me for my PayPal email address. For those who donate, will receive a special invitation to my upcoming project.

TL;DR I’m tired of this bullsh#t called DongCraft.  I quit, don’t ever f$#cking ask me to do a Minecraft project again.

  • Wolf

    Shit like this is exactly why I hate freelance work.
    – Wolf

  • Spencer Alderman

    As a fellow freelancer, IMO you should “showcase” your work on your own end, show the server owners that the plugin does exist and functions correctly, and then have them pay before sending them the plugin. Doing live work should just not be under something where they have the ability to completely undermine you.

    If the offer differs at all from the original agreement, then it will accrue an appropriate charge (or lack thereof) to the change. Make all of those things apparent from the start and you won’t have to deal with children wielding credit cards or scammers.

    • SuperSpyTX

      Thanks for the advice. The primary issue with the work I’ve done above had variety of issues that had risks I was willing to take.

      The first issue was that the server owner was not able to pay me and instead intentionally leaked the plugin as well. I have learned a valuable lesson with these kinds of jobs, and that is to not take their word for anything related to payments.