Burning Bridges

Burning Bridges


Man, why do I love the smell of smoke in the morning?

Well why don’t you take a seat, and listen to my campfire song.


UPDATE (2/5/14): Nice try guys, but that special treat just isn’t leaving the premises of the internet yet.

I’ve been burning bridges with people lately. Why? Because it feels good to break no longer necessary connections with people that have negative influences in your life.

It’s like budgeting your money better, making less investments while making more money.

It’s like losing weight, less food intake while burning more calories.

It’s like eliminating resources you simply no longer need.

And today I like to list the bridges I’ve burned or in the process of burning so far.

Sway – Well apparently he takes in work for no money.  Feel free to read more here.

Jane – She’s not been so friendly with people.  Let’s just put it that way.

School – Giving me a very difficult time.

Spigot –


Yeah that’s right, I’m burning a bridge to Spigot as well because I’m still highly needed in the community anymore (and popular too!):

[18:19:32] <brajo> Haha, I suppose he was being a bit cocky

[18:22:10] <Z750> He constantly bragged about attacking esper, since day 1
[18:22:15] <NickG365> Yeah
[18:23:12] <brajo> He’s okay, very cocky though. Also keeps going on about having a girlfriend, totally not in context.
[19:02:13] <brajo> Fuck sake, my charger port has finally fucked up on my phone
[19:08:46] <GunfighterJ> He also talked about attacking a small group of users on esper specifically
[19:08:48] <GunfighterJ> the people of #tacos
[19:09:03] <GunfighterJ> because he was kicked out for talks of attacking people
[19:23:28] <brajo> Sounds very childish

[19:46:18] <Z750> [18:09:23] <GunfighterJ> He also talked about attacking a small group of users on esper specifically
[19:46:18] <Z750> [18:09:26] <GunfighterJ> the people of #tacos
[19:46:25] <Z750> Member of #tacos, thanks for warning


Let this not be your only special treat Spigot IRC staff.

So how did I do this?

<SuperSpyTX> everything was cool
<SuperSpyTX> until i got netbanned
<SuperSpyTX> then i used /znc LoadMod log [without consent of many others, including hcherndon]
<SuperSpyTX> and shit went down

And before that, I offered hcherndon a bouncer back in December to help out a friend.

So my bouncer service is no longer anymore?



Mostly because of some simple IRC spamming script that almost anybody can do now.  As for the other stuff (#tacos really), I’m not going to try and even defend myself for what I did with that because every time I do, I get sh#t upon.

I am a nice person in real life, you meet me and you know me best.  I laugh and have fun, as well as do some trolling too.

But on the internet, I’m like a entirely different person.  I’m some terrible person you’ve ever met.  Why? Because apparently I’ve grown accustomed to this pattern for many years.  I’ve been on numerous different communities such as a Runescape cheating & botting forums, to some script kiddie forums, and some others as well.  I donate, then I somehow do something that pisses everybody off because it’s childish.  Then I turn on them somehow, or get banned and then go somewhere else.  One time I thought I had a friend, but betrayed me in the long run.

Does this leave a history behind for me? Sure, it does, to you, but only if you ever bothered to go find evidence for all of these claims.  Otherwise it’s ramblings that somehow create some magical reputation # in reputation.php that goes up or down based on human minds.  However ever since these turn of events, I have changed each time despite your disbelief.

Let this be a lesson, don’t get overly attached to the internet.  You will eventually learn stuff, such as brajo discovering how he was used as a sex doll:

[22:28:38] <brajo> “Mr. Doll – … mysterious…”
[22:38:33] <brajo> I think I’ve found out what it is thanks to an article….
[22:39:00] <brajo> ‘There was a thread on the Misc a few months back involving an advertisement on the deep web that sold real live human “sex dolls”. The seller claimed to be a rich doctor in Eastern Europe that would take in young children from orphanages then cut off all their limbs, knock out all their teeth, surgically make them blind/deaf/mute, circumsize their clits then sell them to buyers as human sex dolls.
[22:39:04] <brajo> That was the quote

For sure, brajo.

Now let the nerd rage begin.



EDIT: I thought I’d throw in this one just because it’s true.