One of my favorite pieces of software is called GitDoge (otherwise best known as GitLab).  Please, let me show you how it works.


Rumors have spread, tried and true, if you’re not running Ubuntu or Debian, GitLab becomes anextremepainintheass very easy to install.  It’s simply part of other distribution’s packaging systems (except Debian/Ubuntu).

I mean, who can beat this command?!?!

yum install gitlab -y

So tell me, how does one simply install GitLab?

Well you got the official installation guide for Debian/Ubuntu.

Then you also got unofficial guides, which don’t matter beyond this point because I so happen to have Debian.

When I installed GitLab this time, I found a nasty bug.  A bug that should’ve been fixed already, but instead it was left alone in this GitHub issue.  For those who hate me and don’t want to click on links, a bug that inhabits the ability to edit yourself from the admin panel (500 internal error on submission).

So what’s the point?

Well I’ve used the following command (great, Ruby X.X):

sudo -u git -H nano app/controllers/admin/users_controller.rb

and in the MySQL database

UPDATE `gitlabhq_production`.`users` SET `admin` = ‘1’ WHERE `users`.`id` = 1;

and found a fix thanks to this file referencing to a global variable current_user.

This lead me to fixing the bug!

double wat



In other news from What Gives?

I finally got GIMP! So now I can make your experience on the blog that much better, starting with this post!

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