Cloudfrontier 2: The magic of DNS & Varnish

Cloudfrontier 2: The magic of DNS & Varnish


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No seriously,

(Warning: There is content that is not suitable for people who think ding dongs are funny)


This is a long overdue blog post about the latest setup behind this blog.

“Awww, now let’s not read this blog post-” – Reader




“Ok ok ok ok I’ll read it” – Reader

Alrighty then.

I’ve deployed 5 Varnish cache servers around the globe.



double wat

I meant the globe you f$#cking blog.




The 5 locations are: Chicago IL, Fremont CA, Seattle WA, Amsterdam NL and Singapore.

These 5 locations all follow the same route to the interwebs.

route-53-logo2Lol get it, Port 53 is IANA default for DNS port…lololol

Anyways, these Varnish servers basically cache the HTML on this blog.  The CDN is still the same, although I’ve had thought about another CDN, but CloudFront is still pretty damn good (price wise).

These servers are all geographically routed through Amazon’s Route 53 (does this make me sort of a Amazon fanboy? I also buy from Amazon too…)  via latency based routing, so that means you won’t see all the varnish server IPs upon querying, instead you will be given an IP that’s closest to your location.

Not only that, they also have a system in place that allows me to update the configuration for all of the servers on the fly.  It’s pretty amazing if you ask me.


Now you’ve seen the magic, now you can apply a rule to it.