github – The server that was never born

I just can’t f$#cking do this anymore.


Do I really want to keep going with making game servers for the rest of my life?

Seriously, I can’t make anymore game servers.

Let’s face it, there are already over 1,000 Starbound servers out there and every one of those servers seem to fit people’s interests.  Are people still looking for one?  If you are, chances are there’s still a server out there that you would like.  Just like Minecraft servers!

For the last 3 months, I’ve been developing a website called MN.VC, an invite only web interface that has link shortening, file sharing (which is another invite only component) and a private IRC network.  The goals of the system is really to provide a small community and a successful, yet private Droplr alternative (because it’s no longer free) to users worldwide.  However, MN.VC has had a history that I’ll briefly mention here.

MN.VC – The brand name & history

MN.VC used to be a invite only forum, or a invite only “Minecraft griefing section” (read: childish internet forumthatiwishineverwason) that if invited, could join and discuss clients, game exploits, and more.  Of course like 98% of my projects, this was never successful.  It all went down in flames, and the site was “hacked” (if you call sharing FTP information with a third party and calling out a forum module for having a serious vulnerability hacking).  A forum dump was also posted and hashes were cracked, including mine (at least I’ll admit it!).

Also (surprise! surprise!) I tried to start a hardcore Minecraft server with the name as well! A white-listed/grey-listed server (it was public during the day and private at night), along with inviting users and having a whole system and everything.  All that work and it ended up failing mainly due to lack of interest from the players and myself!

So what’s happening to

I’m going to auction the domain name later, along with the domain too.  These two great domains would’ve be bought at anybody’s leisure if they came up with the name first.  It’s funny how I registered, an entire year before the game got released and this is the outcome of my insanity.



We noticed the server on Kamino‘s network is called Starbound, and it’s sponsored by, will you be changing this?

I will be changing it.  I don’t know what I’ll be changing it to at the writing of this post.


What are you going to be doing from here on out?

Well as some of you may know, I do have a girlfriend that I like to hang out with every weekend when possible, so my time’s been occupied now.  Along with that, I will be maintaining and expanding MN.VC to the best of my ability as well as administer the great Kamino & MN.VC’s network.  Eventually, I will be going to college and then getting a job and actually work out in the real world.  Other than that, not a whole lot of life from me 😐


If you could summarize this blog post in a nutshell, how would you?