Wat is this blog?

Wat is this blog?


Some people have some confusion as to what is this blog?

I’m more than happy to tell you.

This is on my “Wat is this” page at the top.  So this blog post is going to be of no use later on.

This blog is my personal blog about my perspectives and opinion on life, internet, school, you name it, and I joke about it because my first name and last initial is a pun, “JoeK”.  I also try to attach an image to every post for entertainment purposes.

I originally never wanted to start a blog in the first place but one day I was playing around with domain hacks (basically is a domain hack of my name) and this domain showed up.  I simply bought it and there you go.

I called it “What gives?” because I anticipated never really receiving tons of traffic like most other popular blogs.  I also chose to use WordPress instead of Tumblr because I hate social media and Tumblr encourages more data for the NSA to access.

As the months went by, I’ve always thought my blog could be controversial due to the fact most of my blog posts always seem to attack on people.  But most of the time, it’s a joke.  The jokes showcased on this blog weren’t supposed to be all funny, so either deal with it or leave.

I also like to experiment with this blog, so I have 5 virtual private servers scattered around the world to host as varnish servers for this blog, and a content delivery network from Amazon’s Cloudfront hosting my content assets (images, CSS, etc).

My goal on this blog is to show that internet reputation doesn’t really matter as much than in real life because the internet isn’t a place for everybody to be on anyways.

I also run a site called MN.VC, a invite only platform with the ability to share images & shorten links.

You will also find on the top right of this blog is my GitHub profile, which has my previous work that I’ve done.  I’ve done numerous things in the past but cannot bother to do that right this moment.

Besides, what gives?

What do you think?