What the hell?

What the hell?





Well holy f$#ck it’s been a while!

It’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve made my last blog post, and it’s been a royal pain in the ass.

First off, we got this guy to blame.

aka nigger



Thanks to the 2013 tax season, I’ve been royally f$#cked with money. I’ve also got other things to worry about financially but really I have to blame him for Obamacare multiplying 10s of thousands of money into tax, or simply taking a third of whatever amount you’re taxed on.  Of course I don’t know much about taxes, so let’s not start a debate here. /endrant

BUT, the significance of the above actually gets to one of my difficult talks: having to make some dramatic changes to my blog.

When I first found out, and made some calculations, I was scared that I would have to close my blog down and switch to Tumblr, or something even worse.  But after, I realized one thing.

As you know, I run 5 different varnish cache servers on this blog, and the reason for it is because it’s mainly part of an experiment I’ve been running.  Of course I’ll need to take this experiment down, or reduce the amount of servers to really keep it alive, which is something I’m willing to do.  Obviously I’m starting to come across a time where money is now becoming something I’ll really need to think about.

As for other things happening in the last couple of months, I went to Prom, which (for anyone who’s never heard of it) is an organized high school dance night.  I have pictures, one specifically I’ve used as an avatar.

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It’s now coming close to the end of school, and as usual, I’m getting absolutely hammered with stress, especially because I don’t like my high school.

As for MN.VC and delays on development, that’s really why I’ve been behind.  I’ve got lots of things to do and yet high school is now just holding me back from what I want to do with the site.  If it wasn’t for that, I would be doing lots of things, including develop further on the site.  For those on the website, I will be making an announcement on there shortly.

I hope this clears most things up, and hopefully I escape from HoH SiS soon.

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