Serious Update

Well I’d go ahead and just briefly explain the premise of what went on since my last post.

I’ve been enjoying my last 3 months of summer (which I’ll never get to have again, by the way), but a lot of things went through my mind as I thought about updating this blog to standard professionalism.

Right now, I’m currently in college (started just about a week ago), and I have come up with an idea (that has lasted a while) that will help achieve that goal.

In order to point people in the right direction, I’m going to be moving What Gives? to a sub domain,  Trust me, you’ll know when this transition happens.  For right now, enjoy reading your content!

Another change I’ll be making is switching out of WordPress.  It worked since the blog began in June 2013, but as the blog has existed, I’ve heard of nasty security bugs that should not affect WordPress, but do because people can’t or don’t take the time to audit their own code.  So instead of continuing WordPress, a small scaled platform will either be developed (or an alternative CMS) will be used.  As much as I love WordPress for blogging, the security bugs scare me and my love with WordPress.  It’s like people want to murder my love and passion, and it’s sad :'(  Right now however, this is all pure speculation (the change of CMSes) and may continue to use WordPress.

Enough tears, finally, one more update to add.  As you can see, my blog was somehow hijacked and now we have a new member on the team, The Lone Wolf!  He will soon be posting a bit about himself, but to briefly summarize; he’s a Computer Programmer who knows quite a bit (hint: he may be able to touch up the blog theme a bit!) and he will be adding some content to the blog.

I will also be returning to the blog as well for adding content, as the goal will be weekly to monthly content updates.

That’s all I have for now.  There will be more as things get closer to the transition.