The Chronicles of Unidentified (ID) Artists

The Chronicles of Unidentified (ID) Artists


EDIT: I WOULD LIKE TO SAY HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE BLOG! It’s been a great honor to keep an almost half-dead blog for so long.

Brief history:

It started in 2013 on’s hosting service specifically tailored for WordPress called (BlogPress?) and ever since I discovered how to access cPanel (when you’re not supposed to), I decided to get a Linode VPS and setup a ridiculous varnish cached setup (now just 1 server) but nonetheless it’s still going strong.

On this honorary day, I have a new blog post for you! (HOW IRONIC HOW I MAKE A POST ON THE SAME DAY OF THE ANNIVERSARY!)

Well, I just made a recent discovery that might confirm the evolution of the Illuminati and these artists’ satanic powers.

In case you’re not sure what I mean…


These guys.

So let’s get started, shall we?

So a while ago, a remix was posted for a mainstreamrecently popular song Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth – See You Again.  The artist who made this remix goes by the name Absence, who’s currently a mysterious artist (we don’t know their real name, what they look like, or whether they’re some alias to an currently known artist).

Before I discovered Absence, I thought I mention this, Proximity uploaded an song whose artist was unknown (now has the artist, but before it was ID – Slowly, but let’s pretend it’s still unknown).

I got bored one day, and decided to look at the email address of the current management [email protected]  I first stumbled upon the website, which provides nothing too useful except a background image of some sort of star wars thing(?).


So I go ahead and googled the email address, and so it turns out, there’s only two artists that are currently affiliated with the same management email address.

  • Absence
  • Dropout

I look at Dropout’s twitter, and they had a bunch of pictures, old tweets, and looks like it’s a trio of 3 people (Selden, Ray, and Ethan).  I really wish I had saved the images, since I could repost them here.  I feel a bit sad but whatever, sorrow.

I also discovered they had facebook posts too, and also had pictures as well.

Just to make sure I wasn’t kidding myself:


They also had twitter since August.


And YouTube since September.


Just to prove that they weren’t some random newbie that showed up around the streets, they were also on Proximity.

Since I had found absolutely nothing on these guys, I decided to stop doing any research and decided to do something else.

Ever since then, not sure how long, it was recently announced that they were the artist behind the unidentified track (Slowly).

So I wanted to re-assure myself that I was actually looking at the same people I discovered a while ago, so I looked at Absence’s and Dropout’s twitter handles again.

Does this mean one of the members of Dropout decided to “drop out” and start Absence?

Does Absence’s Logo represent the Illuminati?



Is Blake Coppelson (Proximity) a part of this conspiracy theory?

Is this all a part of the Illuminati’s master plan?

Only time will tell.

Your move, Above Apollo (Illuminati).


All joeks aside, these artists sound cool, but that’d make me a hypocrite, because…


They’re now mainstream!


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