First Hand Experience @ Startup Culture

First Hand Experience @ Startup Culture


Welp, I thought I never be taking a trip down Silicon Valley.  I thought you know, I was the kid who just knew how to wrangle shit and not ever be touched by souls.

Well goddamn it was I wrong.

This year has been crazy (good and bad) for many reasons, and I could go on to talk about how I got to living in a basement, but instead I’m going to talk about a marvelous accomplishment that I’ve never thought would take flight after a year.


For security reasons, I won’t be mentioning which startups have contacted me.  If they wish to be indicted into this post, they should use the handy dandy Contact Me button (like they always should have!)

What’s particularly interesting is that they’re interested in one thing…

Screenshot on 1.3.2013 at 4.59.48 PM

HA! No way! That’s what those script kiddies wouldn’t want you to think! Besides, what’s Minecraft?



Ah yes, hacking Yik Yak.  I don’t recall ever talking about that one on my blog did I?

Hack Yak was one of the reasons why I called sick from high school.  I decided that during the time (March 2014), Yik Yak was getting to me and was


I mean causing too much havoc.  The media was all over it, and hearing so much stuff about it, I wanted to become the superhero that crapped on it.

So I reverse engineered it! How? Well with good ol’ iPhone and some tools, I was able to patch the binary so the requests would go through HTTP instead (I couldn’t get MITM over SSL to work) and saw the requests pass by.  While I was decompiling it, I saw all the strings, which included URL endpoints too, which meant more fun.  This was important especially because I wanted to take a good hard look at it all.

I guess you can say one of the goals was to spam the hell out of it, and I sure did.  Why did I write the API in python? Because duh, my spam script was written in-

What you readers are thinking of me:

im a fucking idiot

But my other goal was for everybody to neglect the API too, so I documented it in old style text file (because Markdown is too mainstream) and documented the shit out of it and published it to GitHub.

3 Months later, someone complains that it wasn’t working no more, and a huge trollthread was started.  And then a private subreddit was incarnated afterwards.

Being genuine here, I kind of lost interest after Yik Yak already started making it more difficult to reverse engineer it’s API, and because of the fact people already started working on it made me useless.  I did help spark the fire in that, no doubt about that one (unless there was some other Yik Yak reverse engineering group elsewhere, now I feel too selfish).


So about a year from then, besides activity from that, I’ve actually started hearing back from people.  In fact, to this date, 2 people have contacted me regarding my work, but that’s about all I can say about those things except for the following:

In transparency (unless you’ve somehow magically got this from Facebook), I’ll be flying out to the Silicon Valley to do something wonderful with one of the folks above.  All I can say is I’m genuinely surprised that somebody presented me with this opportunity.  It’ll be nice when I can finally state something but for now.

Von Boyage!

I’ll have a part two written soon enough.


For those who have become one of these after hearing the news:


and would like to know why I took on the opportunity:

  • Because who knows! It’ll be the first of many!
  • Because I’m not going to have another opportunity vanquish again! (I would put a TL;DR here, but I’m going to stay cautious and not do so)
  • It’s not like I’ve traveled a bunch…
  • and I know I’ve got my hands busy on a bunch of things, but how am I supposed to learn life by doing what I’m already doing?

And for those who think I actually have any experience working in Startup Cultures (and think I’m generalizing it all):