All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.


Been busy here, literally.  I think it doesn’t make sense but yea.

As usual, site broke and nobody noticed yay.  Now it’s back up yay.

Please read for more information…..


Harry, go hit the f#@king link…

Ever since the last post, things have turned for the worst.

Sickening as it sounds, I’ve moved all over the place in the last several months, and now I reside next to my parents, once again.

surprised pat

Do I need to put this into perspective?

Here, let me add more to this cake we’re making here.

cake-05  (God this is already going to make matters worse, by adding more images to this blog post, I pay more per view on bandwidth….BUT WHO CARES RIGHT!?!?!?)

Let’s add on to that cake with “I’ve dropped out of college twice and now am working full time…..for the next several years”


And “I basically am working to go into the military”


And “While working as a Jimmy Johns delivery driver..”

drugged home alonist

And “Deciding on whether to do the first thing I said or go find another full time job that would be ideal…because as my dad says ‘Never stay complacent'”

509 LOL

So what do I do? I work and barely do what I was here to do, until I find something.

So what happened on the job opportunity on the last post?

I turned it down for the wrong reasons, and now I pay the consequence of trusting myself.

509 LOL

What else should I’ve expected for being an adult? Nothing less, nothing more, just boring and simple.

So kids, if you ever had a chance to grow up, I would advise you grow up, stay in college, and of course, drink plenty of booze (ok not really, not that simple, have to deal with the corporationI mean universities first).

Ok for real though, I’m busy as f#ck, nothing to do with myself, and basically family has split ties, quite literally down the middle, where one sides wants me to pursuit my own career (LOL RIGHT LIKE THAT’S EASY TO DO BECAUSE OF ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE…TO THOSE WHO HAVE DEGREES HAHAHAHAHAHA), or pursuit the military (hey look no upfront costs! just plain ol’ government discrimination!)

Screenshot on 12.11.2013 at 7.01.10 AM

This life has already gone messy, broke the website after having to cut back on servers, and now this is the price I pay.


I’ll have a post later, hopefully before I military or job, or decide some other crazy thing to do that won’t require 25 questions or 25,000 reasons that I’ll have to argue against with my parents…………..

Title of the next post: All work and no play makes parents……

*first to find easter egg gets $0.01 from me*

Also I won’t be adding CORS headers for a while (if you don’t know why, well, you didn’t read this post), so expect the whatamacallitohrightglyphicons to appear like this for a while.


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